Thursday, June 23, 2011

Brush Up on Your Skills- Photo Technique Magazine

Looking to learn some new photo techniques? Well there is a magazine out there that can help you do just that. In their most recent issue, our very own Jeffery Jay Luhn takes you through a method that seems to have been forgotten by photographers in this day and age, and it's a style that he covered about a month ago in one of his lessons on PLS- Bare Bulb Technique.

Saving the core of his knowledge for this article, Jeff goes into extensive detail on the benefits and strategies of using this style of lighting.

Want to read the rest of the article? Pick up Photo Technique magazine on a newsstand near you. Also, check out their website at to browse past issues and subscribe to their magazine.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Behind the Scenes w/ Jay P. Morgan: Break-Away Glass

Jay P. Morgan has been a fan of Photoflex products for years, and his humorous style and fun set pieces make his work stand out in the crowded commercial photography industry.

Recently, Jay P. posted a Behind the Scenes (BTS) video showing several techniques, from how to make break away glass to using said prop in a short scene. Check it out:

After making the video, Jay P. talked to us a little bit about what went into it:

"When we shot our latest video on break-away glass, we used a  lot of Photoflex equipment. Not just to light the video clips themselves, but also to light the BTS video as well. I am in love with the Constellation3. We used 2 of them on set as we were shooting and lighting break away glass. One as a back light on the talent and one as a key light for the room as we shot the BTS footage. At you can see the lighting build up for the video clip.

It was a blast making this video. It was fun to make it, break it, and light it. In this video we covered how to make candy glass and then we introduced you to the premier Hollywood product used on set today. We used products made by Alfonso's Breakaway Glass. I first used this stuff out at Universal Studios back lot when we had a cowboy jump through a window pane. It's great stuff and comes molded as bottles, cups and just about anything you could want.  We also just started using some great Kessler equipment to make this video. . I have used several sliders and tested countless others but the CineSlider and Shuttle Pod are by far the best. I hope you enjoyed the video!"

What do you think? Is a project like this something you could see yourself taking part in? Sound off in the comments section below. 

Special thanks to Jay P. Morgan

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The TritonFlash™ System- Available Worldwide

Used by pros all over the world such as Miss Aniela, Kevin Kubota, Ian Spanier, Michael Corsentino, and Paul Markow, the battery powered TritonFlash is now more versatile then ever. The TritonFlash comes with a metal swivel capable of supporting heavier lighting modifiers such as the Photoflex 7 foot OctoDome, delivers the power of a studio strobe and is portable enough to use anywhere. With all individual components available separately, the TritonFlash is a global force to be reckoned with.

"The TritonFlash is a great light-weight solution to your lighting needs. At 300w/s per head, the TritonFlash gives you over twice the power of Quantum Flashes and with Photoflex's accessories, the light can be used in any of their boxes, and the light's own reflector is an option as well. I used the flashes in a similar setting to which I would have used far bigger and heavier lighting and achieved fantastic results. In this day and age of excess baggage charges and limited budgets, the TritonFlash circumvents the need for large flash units. Its quick flash duration and recycle times are a huge plus for any action setting, while its easy-to-use control dial allows for simple 1/3 stop variations with the turn of one dial."
-Ian Spanier

"The size of the unit- how small and light it is- and the fast firing rate sold me. None of my other battery strobes can do what the TritonFlash can do."
-Paul Markow

Visit your local Photoflex dealer and try out the TritonFlash for yourself. You won't be disappointed. With accolades piling up from the world's hottest shooters and rave reviews pouring in, you can't ignore the best new portable flash unit on the market. 

Photoflex is... a world of possibilities. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Live Chat with Photoflex!

Friday June 10, 2011 the Photoflex team will be on location shooting strobist-style at a vintage car restoration shop in San Juan Bautista, CA!

Watch the whole shoot LIVE on U-Stream! 
See the setup and watch the whole shoot! 
Broadcasting LIVE starting at 5 PM PST here:

Or watch the embedded video below:

Live chat with the team via Twitter! 
Follow us @photoflex and offer suggestions, ask questions, and work the set with David, Jeff, and Jaron. See you then!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Photoflex Welcomes Kevin Kubota

Photoflex is proud to welcome wedding and commercial photography sensation Kevin Kubota to the Photoflex Pro Showcase!

Kevin is a world renowned photographer and workshop leader who is regularly listed among the world's top ten wedding photographers. his wedding, portrait, and advertising images that speak to the heart, using emotion, joy, intimacy, energy, and compositional impact. Kevin's studio is in Central Oregon, where he photographs high-end clients from his region and around the nation.

His wedding and portrait work is often featured in magazines such as Rangefinder, Studio Photography & Design, Popular Photography, and Shutterbug, as well as in photography books such as, The Best of Portrait Photography and The Best of Wedding Photojournalism by Bill Hurter, and others. Kevin's images have been featured in Nikon advertisements, calendars, trade show displays, and he was selected as the Nikon “Legend Behind the Lens” #2 on the Nikon website.

Shot using two Photoflex StarFlash® 300watt strobes through a 39x72 inch translucent LitePanel kit.

Kevin's current book is entitled, Digital Photography Boot Camp: A Step-by-Step Guide for Professionals, published by Amherst Media. He is currently in the process of writing another ambitious project entitled "The Lighting Notebook," a compendium of so many techniques that no other recent photo writer has had the courage to attempt it.

Rarely does the photo industry see an educator with an equal balance of recognized artistry, technical expertise, gifted teaching ability, and the energy to inspire and motivate other photographers to push themselves to completely new levels of vision and success.

Kevin's latest work using the Photoflex TritonFlash™.
To read Kevin's blog detailing this shoot, click here.

Photoflex is honored to have Kevin Kubota join the Pro Showcase ranks. Check out the July/August issue of Digital PhotoPro for a special editorial on some of Kevin's lighting strategies.